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A carpet retailer you can trust, based in Trowbridge and covering the surrounding areas. We offer Free home visits, free samples, and estimates, as well as the largest selection in Trowbridge & Wiltshire for carpets, LVT, and hard flooring.

As the most experienced independent retailer in Trowbridge and are well placed to give you the best advice on your new carpets and flooring. We are the most trusted retailer in Trowbridge for good reason, our main aim is to give you the best advice for you and your home and not our interests.

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Anabel Higgin
Anabel Higgin
We bought wools carpets from V & A Carpets for our home and we couldn’t be happier. We had a few quotes from other indépendants and high street retailers, and shouldn’t have bothered. The prices were great, and the quality was even better. The estimator turned up in time, brought out loads of samples and helped us through the whole process and explained everything very clearly gave us great advice. Saving us carpet by incorporating the stairs and saving on wasted carpet. While they are based in Trowbridge they came to see us in Devizes. It was easy to pay and the carpets were down within two weeks. The fitters were also lovely and friendly, while doing a great job and riding up after themselves as they went along. Leaving us with the rooms all ready for us.
Katy Gray
Katy Gray
I would highly recommend V&A Flooring to anyone looking for excellent quality carpets and excellent customer service. Alex & Vicky were so helpful with our selection and the fact we got to take samples home was brilliant and really helped with matching to our current flooring. Nothing was too much trouble . Thanks again for all your help :)
Jane D
Jane D
The choosing and fitting of our new wooden floor was very easy from start to finish. Being able to bring home samples made our decision easier and we are delighted with the finished look. The fitter was very courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and left the room perfectly clean ready for us to move everything back in. However, we felt that communication with the manager/business could have been better. With the announcement of lockdown 2, it would have been nice to receive an courtesy email or call letting us know that the fitting was still going ahead (we had to phone them). Also, we were told the fitter would arrive between 8-9am on Monday morning but would receive an email on the Saturday afternoon confirming this. We never received an email. All in all, we would use them again as we were impressed with the quality of the product and above all, the professionalism of the fitter.
Kevin Lamb
Kevin Lamb
Many thanks to V and A Flooring for a very friendly and professional service. From our first visit to the showroom through to carpet selection, measuring and final fitting, all aspects of the job went very well indeed and ran smoothly. We are delighted with the finished job. We wouldn’t hesitate to use them again and happily recommend their services. Vicky and Alex gave good advice and valued guidance at all times.
M Webster
M Webster
Thank you for the advice when we started our search for a carpet for our daughter's bedroom. Shopping with children is always a challenge, and your thoughtfulness and patience helped us immensely. Lots of choice, great samples to take away and try in rooms. Great quality carpets, and competitively priced. Process from ordering to fitting was very straightforward and stress free. Fitters were great, very careful, friendly and did a fab job . We will definitely be in touch again when we carpet the rest of the house!
Ander Grimwood
Ander Grimwood
Fantastic service, products and advice. Very happy with the end result, would highly recommend.
Julie Park
Julie Park
We had excellent sales and fitting from this company and they did two bedrooms for us and we will certainly be having them again with their wide range of carpets and excellent fitters. Also they are a wonderful couple to work with and totally reliable.
Matthew Wilson
Matthew Wilson
When we bought our new house with no flooring Vicky and Alex helped us do the whole place, really fast and stay within our budget. Great service guys, thanks
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It can be your first time buying, where it's all new and a bit daunting, or you've bought new carpets before and are looking for something specific, or maybe some inspiration. We can help guide you through your journey and help you along the way.

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Carpet Shop

Browse the Carpet & Flooring Collections

At V & A Flooring, a carpet shop in Trowbridge, we pride ourselves on the large choices we offer our customers. Help the vision you had for your home, come to life.

Soft Carpets

See our Saxony carpet ranges, which are deep and soft and bring a luxurious feel to your home.

Wool Carpets

See our range's of Wool Twist Carpets. Bringing durability and quality into your home.

Textured Carpets

See ome of our Wool Looped ranges which bring a variety of textured feel & look.

Patterned Carpets

Our patterned carpets will bring colour, syle, and design into your home.

Wood Flooring

See our range's of Wool Twist Carpets. Bringing durability and quality into your home.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile is both durable & stylish. Easy to maintain & Large selection to choose from.

Bedroom Carpets

When looking for a bedroom carpet it is vital to know first what you are looking to get from the carpet first. Would you like it to last for a lengthy period or time and look better for longer, or would you like to it be comfortable underfoot?

Most bedrooms carpets would be soft and fluffy to give your feet that happy feeling when getting out of bed in the morning. A thick and long piled carpet will bring some happiness to your feet and create that same feeling to your subconscience when you first step out of bed in the morning. These tend to have higher tog rating as well, which relate the insulation value it brings to your room. The higher the tog rating, the less cold from the sub floor underneath makes it into the room . The other option would be to have a dense & short piled carpet. This style of carpet wears, or looks better for longer. It’s not as soft & comfortable but as the yarn or pile is shorter, they flatten less and look better or newer for longer. Depending on the size of your room, we tend to have 3-4 steps and you are onto the bed. This allows a dense short yarn carpet to look better for a good few years. In conclusion, The simple first question will be, “are you looking for comfort, or durablility”?

As a general rule of thumb comfort will normallly bring in the thinking man made carpets, and durability will be a wool option. This can vary dependant on your preference and there are many to choose from that can change this rule. To find out what carpet suits you best, speak to on of our advisers to help you along your journey of finding your perfect carpet.

Sitting Room Carpets or Lounge Carpets

When looking for a sitting room carpet, as always, the crucial elements are durability or feel? This is crucial to get right for a number of reasons. This is normally the main room the family come together in, it is one where we normally look for the most comfort as well as durability as it’s the one most used. Durability can be crucial in some instances as many sitting rooms lead to other rooms or outside, which adds to the traffic in that the carpet will have to take. On the cold winter nights, it is normally the room we all look to get cosy in and keep us warm. 

That sweet spot of hard wearing, durable carpet as well as a soft feel is one most often asked for, but there will always be the slightest of trade offs here.  The easiest way is the get a really good underlay to keep the soft feel and keep the heat in the room. Then you can lean towards a slightly hard wearing carpet and get the best of both worlds.  There can be a fair few things to take into consideration such as the size of the family, the amount of traffic it will get in certain point of the room and your budget. We recommend speaking to one of our staff who will be best placed to visit your home, and advise you on the best options for your home, and talk you through why we think it will be the best choice. We find that if we ask the right questions the answers will present themselves to you. 


Twist carpets

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Looking for a Carpet Shop in Trowbridge?

Look no further, there really only is one choice, but get to know a bit more about us first. Although, If you’d like to skip the intro and shoot straight to the products, use the menu bar for your type of flooring to see some of our ranges for inspiration. We can send samples direct to your door if you are busy and can’t make it into our shop.

Carpet Shop Trowbridge - V & A Carpets


V & A Flooring is Trowbridge’s premier carpet shop. We have all the major carpet & hard flooring brands available. We host a large selection of interior designers favourite carpets, like Alternative Flooring, Crucial Trading, ITC, Fibre, Cavalier Carpets, Brockway Carpets, Hammer Carpets, Best Wool Carpets, and Westex Carpets to name but a few high-end carpet suppliers we deal with on a daily basis. Our strong relationships with these suppliers allow us to bring you the best prices to coincide with our superior service. Our highly experienced flooring experts are always on hand to give you the best advice to ensure you find the flooring you are looking for, and not settle for what they had available at a carpet shop elsewhere. 


Why should I choose a retailer instead of my local fitter?

It’s very easy to look to your local fitter for options, but they really only have a limited selection to show you as they can only offer what wholesalers might be able to provide. At V & A Flooring in Trowbridge, you can shop with peace of mind, knowing that not only are all of our products guaranteed directly via our manufacturers, but we also ensure that we only deal in quality products after having carefully selected ranges from each manufacturer. The next step will involve requiring a fitting service, we can arrange your fitting for you with one of our trusted and vetted carpet fitters. Selecting where you would get your carpet and flooring used to be a tough decision in the past, now you can be rest assured knowing we are here to serve you and will take care of everything else for you.

Carpet Shop Trowbridge - V & A Carpets
Carpet Shop Trowbridge - V & A Carpets

Quality in our products and services.

We have three showrooms in Trowbridge, each showroom at our shop is dedicated to it’s own form of flooring to help guide you and keep it simple. Choosing your carpets and flooring for your home shouldn’t be complicated, or become a chore. We are here to help guide you, take direction from your vision or even help sometimes when you might not have one. That’s ok too. Our flooring experts are on hand and have plenty of experience in helping in these instances, please don’t feel alone in not knowing what you might want. It’s very common and that’s why our carpet experts are here to walk through all of the options with you. Our experienced home advisors will measure your home or selected areas, free of charge, to make sure there aren’t any hidden surprises when it comes to fitting. We’d bring samples with us so that you can see the flooring in the natural light of your home, which allows you to get the best idea of shading and colour. These are only some of the many ways we set out our business to put our customers first. We do everything we can to make the experience of buying new carpets and flooring for your home, an easy and happy one.


How we make it easier for you.

Free Sample Service

We offer a free sample service, which is sent straight to you via the post. This allows you to view samples of the flooring in your own home, and have it to hand when looking to complement it with other items in the room such as paint, furniture, curtains etc.

Free Estimating Service

We have highly experienced and highly qualified estimators on hand to come to your home and measure up for free. Making the experience easy and stress free. We can even bring samples with us to help you choose in the comfort of your own home.

Dedicated Showrooms

We have three showrooms, based in Trowbridge. Each one is dedicated to a type of flooring with large samples to view & help you find exactly what you are looking for. We also have the largest selection in Wiltshire to help find the perfect flooring.

High Quality Products

Part of our commitment to our customers, is that we stand by the products we sell. We sell high quality products at great prices to give our customers peace of mind when purchasing new carpets or flooring for your home.

Uplift & Disposal

We offer an uplift & disposal service, which includes us uplifting your existing flooring, as well as disposing of it for you. Just another way we try to help to make the process as easy as possible.

Free Waste Removal

While most companies will leave you with the excess waste from fitting your flooring, or charge you for taking it away. We take all excess waste away as standard and it's absolutely free. It's part of our service to you.

Need new Carpets or Flooring? Book a visit now for a free home consultation & we’ll bring samples.

Carpet Shop in Trowbridge -
Know your carpets
Twist Pile Carpet

Twist Carpets

Twist carpets are threads of yarn that have been spun numerous times to keep the spring in the thread of yarn and to keep them bouncing back to their original shape, as the name mentions. But the important things to know are that these are usually the short pile carpets for heavy traffic areas. Twist carpets are normally the carpets preferred in hallways, stairs and landings, and other heavy-traffic areas in the home. As these threads are shorter and normally fairly dense to ensure the pile doesn't fall over or compress as easily, they will look better for longer. A twist carpet is the style of carpet, and they come in Wool & polypropylene (man-made fibre which is bleach cleanable). Wool twist carpets are generally found in an 80/20 form, with 80% being the wool content, and a couple of manufacturers do make 100% wool twist carpets, but they are rare these days. 80/20 Wool mix carpets are still one of the strongest and best-selling carpets in the UK as they are durable and softer than their looped carpet counterpart. To find more of these, visit our carpet shop in Trowbridge and see all that's on offer.

Saxony Carpets

Saxony carpets are a deep & luxurious style of carpets. These are also made in a similar manner to twist carpets, but the threads are longer, allowing them to fall over or give way much more than a standard short pile twist carpet. This creates a fantastic feeling underfoot, giving it that luxurious feeling. If you want comfort underfoot when getting out of bed in the morning, or want a lounge carpet you like to sit or lie on, this would be the style of carpet to look at. While some are denser than others, helping them to keep their shape, they won't look as good as a twist carpet in the years to come. These are mainly made out of polypropylene and sometimes mixed with other softer fibres such as polyimide or polyester. The key element to look out for in a Saxony carpet is density. The denser it is, the better it will look for longer. You see footmarks and hoover lines with Saxony carpets, but the less dense the carpet is, the more extreme the effect will be. To find more of these, visit our carpet shop in Trowbridge and see all that's on offer.


Looped Pile Carpet

A textured carpet or a looped pile carpet is a favourite in many a home. These are threads that have not only been spun ut are now spun together to make one, very strong thread. These are woven into one another in various styles to create a very strong carpet. A looped pile carpet is generally made from wool, but can be found in some 50/50 mixtures and then a few in a man-made version. The wool version is definitely the most popular. The way they are constructed allows them to look better for longer, and they are woven into each other and no loose bristles to be compressed, they are less affected but high traffic, visually. The downside of a loop is that if you have a pet that lends to play with the carpet or you get something caught on a strand and pull on it, the thread can be pulled out if pulled hard enough. They are also not anywhere near as soft and comfortable as a Saxony and twist pile carpet. They can happen but is extremely rare. Normally avoid them if you have cats, but they are generally a great carpet to have if you wanted something to last. To find more of these, visit our carpet shop in Trowbridge and see all that's on offer.

Carpet Shop in Trowbridge – Completed Projects
Rustic Engineered Wood Trowbridge

Wood Flooring - Trowbridge

This Rustic Wood flooring by Natural Solutions transformed this hallway, Kitchen and Dinning area. Its deao dark tones compliment the kitchen units perfectly. This 18mm think Engineered Wood flooring was fitted in Holbrook lane, Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Wool Loop Carpet fitted in Trowbridge

Wool Loop Carpet - Trowbridge

This Wool Loop Carpet, our Stromboli range, that was fitted on Devizes Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire. This wonderfully soft and comfortable wool loop carpet was fitted on their stairs, landing, 3 bedrooms, and lounge. Its soft enviro backing gives it a soft feeling like no other wool loop carpet.

Polypropylene Carpets fitted in Trowbridge by V & A Carpets

Saxony Carpets - Trowbridge

We were delighted to fit out this customer’s entire home in one of our ever-popular soft Saxony ranges, Ovation. Situated on centenary close, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, we fitting their 4 bedrooms, Lounge, Dressing room, Stairs, and Landing in Carpets and their Kitchen, office, and hallway in Luxury Vinyl Tile.

Wool Twist Carpet fitted on Willow Grove, Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Wool Twist Carpet - Trowbridge

This lovely wool twist was fitted in this customers home on Willow Grove, Trowbridge,Wiltshire. This beautiful was tricky but thankfully we managed to reduce most of the waste and esnure a great fit for our customer. Wool was agreat choice for such a big and busy hallway.

Twist Carpet fitted on the Croft, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Twist Carpet - Trowbridge

This twist carpet was fitted on our customers home on the croft, Trowbridge, Wiltshire. We were lucky enough to be untrusted with this customers entire home. We fitted a mixture of saxony’s and twist carpets in the bedroom, office, lounge and stairs. This customer was delighted by the resukt as well as our ability to make changes for her last minute.

Saxony Carpet fitted on Helliker Close, Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Saxony Carpets - Trowbridge

This  is one of the 3 bedrooms we revamoed for out customer on Helliker Close, Trowbidge, Wiltshire. This fantastic thick & dense carpet was fitted on an 11mm underlay, ensuring a extremly luxurious & soft feel for many years to come. It will help with the heat insulation as well, saving you money in the winter.

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Trowbridge Town

Trowbridge is the county town of Wiltshire, and we hope that our website will be of interest to both residents and visitors alike. You can find out what’s going on around the town, or learn more about how your town council works for you. To see how Trowbridge as a community is made up, please click this link.

The town has a rich history, from being one of the 23 ‘Magna Carta’ towns to its involvement as a prominent mill town, eventually producing cloth that was sought after across the world. It is also the birthplace of Isaac Pitman, inventor of the world-famous shorthand system, and in the 1940s, contributed to the war effort as a location for building the legendary Spitfire fighter. Trowbridge is also the ideal location for exploring Wiltshire, due to its central position within the county, and with Bath and Bristol easily reached.

Our Town Council was one of the first in the West of England to declare a Climate Emergency in September 2019, and our work continues to make Trowbridge a safe environment: you can find out more here. You can find carpet suppliers for Trowbridge on sites, such as bigreddirectory.com 

To see more information about Trowbridge Town, please visit the Trowbridge Town Council Website

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