Carpet Shop in Trowbridge

Who is the best carpet shop in Trowbridge?

What are you looking for in a carpet shop you can trust?

Do they have great reviews from their customers? Do they have a showroom I can visit? Are they, trusted dealers, with all the major manufacturers? Can I see images of work they’ve done before? Do they sell their products at everyday low prices? Are the customers at the heart of everything they do?  If so, it can only be V & A Carpets.

V & A Carpets has 3 showrooms based in Trowbridge, with convenient parking right outside our doors for our customers. Each showroom is dedicated to a type of flooring to help make your search easier, being carpets, Engineered Wood Flooring & Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT).

This is flooring you fall in love with.

What are the benefits of using a trusted Carpet Retailer instead of our local fitter?

While we are a family-run, independent company, we have the backing of the oldest buying group in the UK. As members, we benefit from getting preferential pricing, which we pass on to our customers. This allows us to have the widest range to choose from, matching any budget. This also allows us to give you a wider choice than anyone else in Wiltshire. The local fitter won’t have access to the designer or major brands directly. Making any issue that might come up, an awkward one. The suppliers are less likely to trust them as it was purchased through a third party. As preferred suppliers, we will easily get your carpet replaced if the worst should happen and anything is wrong with it. All our carpets have 10-year guarantees to give you added peace of mind. These are just a few of the benefits you won’t find with other independents, which set V & A Carpets above the rest.

Greater range of selections available

You have the world opened up to you regarding choosing your perfect carpet. See all that is available, not just what they have in the van on the day. We even have the largest range of all the retailers in Wiltshire.

Peace of mind

Preferred supplier, means you have peace of mind when buying from us. That, in the unlikely event, that something does go wrong you have the manufacturer warranty ensured when buying from us, as well as it is dealt with speedily and honorably.

Who has the widest range of Carpets in Trowbridge?

When V & A Carpets was started in Trowbridge, we wanted to put choice back in the hands of the people of Trowbridge. For too long the same carpet options were being shown over and over again. Being given the choice of the best option out of a selection of 3-5 samples. No more. We have ensured that we have the widest selection available in Wiltshire to give our customers the choice of having their home, set out the way they envisaged. Be it, a stripe, a herringbone, a patterned carpet, a particularly soft carpet, or just a hardwearing carpet. We even offer bespoke carpets, made from the same colour as your tie or anything else you’d like to match it to. The world is at your feet when choosing V & A Carpets. We stock all the major suppliers and the designer one’s as well.

For us, it’s never just a carpet.

Quality products.

Be assured that when buying from us, you really are getting quality products. We have the experience to know which manufacturers produce cheap products that don’t last and avoid them. If we offer it to you in our store, it has been carefully selected for our customers.

Full Range of Carpets

We offer thousands of Wool Twist carpet ranges, Wool Loop carpet ranges, Man-made carpets, Easy Clean carpets, and many more. You won’t find a larger selection in Wiltshire.

Designer Collections

We have a full spectrum of suppliers used by interior designers for that something special in your home. Be it a stripe, pattern, runner, or bespoke carpet. 

About V & A Carpets in Trowbridge

V & A Carpets are family-run, independent carpet shop. We have over 25 years’ worth of trade experience, having run stores as well as trained store managers, fitters, and estimators for high street retailers. We aim to deliver the highest service by giving you the best advice out there, to help you to make the best possible decision in choosing your new carpets and hard flooring.

We offer a free home consultation service where we bring the carpets to you, as well as offering three showrooms, which each display a different type of flooring. Our main showroom is filled with hundreds of carpets, we have a showroom dedicated to engineered wood flooring, and our final showroom is dedicated to luxury vinyl tiles.

We aim to give the best customer service, but we aim to give you value as well. We keep our prices low, so you know you are always getting great value for money. We offer great discounts on recommended retail prices for many major suppliers to show our commitment to always give you great prices. Like all others Carpet Shops, we have sampling to see in our showrooms, but unlike any other Carpet Shop in Trowbridge or Wiltshire, we stock all major carpet suppliers. This allows you to truly have the option of choice. Where other Carpet Shops will only have certain suppliers available to them, you can rest assured that if you can’t find it with us, it won’t be available in any other carpet shop in Wiltshire. Book your home consultation through the link below and we will help you get the floor you deserve for your home.

Inside a Carpet shop in Trowbridge

A bit more about Trowbridge Town, it’s history & events.

Trowbridge is the county town of Wiltshire, and we hope that our website will be of interest to both residents and visitors alike. You can find out what’s going on around the town, or learn more about how your town council works for you. To see how Trowbridge as a community is made up, please click this link.

The town has a rich history, from being one of the 23 ‘Magna Carta’ towns, through to its involvement as a prominent mill town, eventually producing cloth which was sought after across the world. It is also the birthplace of Isaac Pitman, inventor of the world-famous shorthand system, and in the 1940s, contributed to the war effort as a location for building the legendary Spitfire fighter. Trowbridge is also the ideal location for exploring Wiltshire, due to its central position within the county, and with Bath and Bristol easily reached.

Our Town Council was one of the first in the West of England to declare a Climate Emergency in September 2019, and our work continues to make Trowbridge a safe environment: you can find out more here.

Our Information Services Team is always happy to help you plan your visit to Trowbridge, or if you are a resident, with any issues or concerns you may have – please email them on – Trowbridge’s Council Website

Discover Trowbridge

Our town has a rich industrial heritage with over 1000 years of weaving history, as well as its status as a Magna Carta Baron Town and is near to beautiful Wiltshire countryside. We are proud that we are a Fairtrade town and have several links abroad – we are twinned with Charenton-le-Pont in France, Leer-Ostfriesland in Germany, Oujda in Morocco and Elblag in Poland.

Trowbridge has a wealth of independent shops, High Street outlets and a great choice of restaurants, making it a great place to visit: if you would like to download a map showing car parking options around the town, please click here. With direct transport routes to London, Bath and Bristol, we are also the perfect spot in which to base yourself when visiting the area.

Throughout the year, we produce our newsletter ‘Discover TROWBRIDGE’ which contains articles and features about our town and news regarding what your Town Council is doing for you. To download the most recent edition – Trowbridge Town Council Website

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